Teton Bail Bonds to the Rescue

Bail bonds services in Cheyenne, WY

After someone is placed under arrest and booked, they are still considered innocent until proven guilty. In the state of Wyoming, someone can be released on bail bond to await trial. The bond is established by the court and is held until you return for your court hearing. Avoid sitting in jail and losing your job or being unable to take care of your family by having a representative from Teton Bail Bonds pay your bond on your behalf.

In Wyoming, a county judge sets the bail bond amount for every case. If the bond amount is too high or you cannot afford to pay for our services, you should ask your lawyer or public defender for a bond reduction hearing. A judge will hold a hearing to determine if the bond should be lowered. If you are from out of state, we offer electronic co-signing.

How bail works:

1. Physical arrest
2. Bail set by judge - call someone who can help you
3. Friend/family member calls Teton Bail Bonds
4. We review basic information and explain available options
5. A small percentage of bail bond is paid to Teton Bail Bonds, in exchange for a bail bond.
6. Fill out paperwork, bond is delivered to jail and defendant is released
7. Defendant remains free on bail until the case is completed or charges are dropped